Plan Your Work and Then Work for Your Plan

"Richness is by product; Don't think ever about money, be excellence in your services, product quality , work what you want to do."

"90% Startup fail in first 5 years due to lack of exact needed innovation."

10 Strategic Business Development Framework Offer By Comsys Infotech

1. Customer's Money Making Model

We focused to think you on your customers NEED point like..

ProfitabilityInventory Turnover
Liquidity Cash Flow
GrowthBrand Equity
ProductivityCustomer Acquisition
Gross MarginRetention
RevenueSpeed of Transaction

"Complete our GREED by focusing on customer's NEED."

2. Negative Cash Flow & Working Capital Management

It's manage point delay in cash and resolve.
It's help in set payment recovery rules regulations.
It's help to focused on positive cash flow.
It's manage in advance payment and right time payment made by customer's.

"A cheque in hands means NOTHING, you need CASH for your business." 

3. Expansion With Negative Margin Management

It's help to develop strategic plans for Net / Gross margin for your business.
It's help to build profit clarity pathway in business.
it's provide framework to grow without compromise with margin.
It's help to find out profit source of margin in your business.
it's makes automated business model to control negative margin.

"Do not compromise with gross margin. Prepare for DEEP pocket." 

4. Talented Manpower Management

It's help to develop high potential, high performance, high skill & high will team.
It's help work on team for competency mapping, competency assessment, ideation into execution and most talented.
It's focused on employee treatment.
It's helps to make glass door policies which will turns into transparency in communication.
It's helps to create feelings of significance for employees.

"Identify employees edge and energised their age and engage in IDEATION" 


5. Scalability with Recurring Revenue Management

It's help to build scalable business model.
It's help to generate regular active income and convert's it in passive income.
It's help to build recurring revenue model.
It's help to develop sustainable advantage between service provider & customers.
It Increases the Potential for Collaboration and Shared Revenue.

"Choosing the right business model is one of a STARTUP'S most important decisions."

6. Product Positing Management

It's help to find out perfect and not perfect customer.
It's help to find out perfect and not perfect prodcut.
It's manage perfect product planning, customer's segmentation planning.
It's help to focus on perfect market demography & market psychography.
It's help to plan for product's packaging, branding, marketing, presentation, schemes & it's policies.
It's perfect solution to "find out who we are?, what is our business?, how to deal with it? & where to focus?"
It's automatically turn around in perfect product positing.

"Stretch for SINGLE signal about own position"

7. Market Adoption Curve Management

Understating the adoption curve of business is to avoid bankruptcy.
It's help to manage product life cycle and new production cost.
Adoption curve help to find out positioning of business in market and it's growth & threat.
It's also build framework for margin and sales; and calculate value of business increasing or decreasing.
It's help to manage advertisement expenses for your business.

"How safe is our business, it depends on RIGHT timing of product launching"

8. Brand Equity Management

Build your brand equity with brand association and brand loyalty.
Safe your business with IPR, patent or licencing or with propitiatory technology.
It's help to understand how to build economies of scale.
It's help to understand how to create monopoly in your business.
Save yourself from getting outcompeted. Businessman should be safe with competitor.

"Enter to BLUE OCEAN, it creates entry barriers to competitors."

9. Pivot Process Management

"Complaint is a GIFT, catch it."

10. Business EcoSystem Management

"Don't inform to work, INVOLVE to work."